providing a safe & respectful safe for all to be their judgement free self.

It all started as a passion project almost 6 years ago. We set out to create a tolerant and safe space where issues of gender and identity can be respectfully explored. Our mission always has been to promote difference, diversity, and the arts in whatever form it materialises itself
Over the years word has gotten out farther and wider about what we were trying to create in our cosy little South-London space and we have now become a hidden gem for free spirits all over to congregate, or so we've been told. 

The Flying Dutchman as it is now has been built on years of partnerships with and support from the local community we are a part of. The only reason why we still stand, while so many other clubs and venues are facing closure is because of the unwavering support we have earned from our neighbours and friends. We exist and work to add to our community not to take anything away from it. This is why we're the only venue in South-East London (big or small) with a permanent 6am license on weekends.  

We are an LGBTQ friendly venue, active member of the local LGBTQ community and of local residents associations. We promote contemporary and alternative art and provide local artists and students free exhibition space subject to conditions.  

It's all about the community and we only welcome organisers and party goers that can appreciate and respect this. 

We're the LOVE PUB!