What kind of events do you welcome in your space? 

We welcome all kinds of events from the most mundane to the utmost bizarre and absurd. We are very selective however of the organisers / promoters we work with. The rule of thumb is that this isn't your usual pub/venue and we pride ourselves on doing things differently. We favour organisers who can appreciate the intimate and unique feel of our venue, and abide by the rules and guides set in place to ensure a fun and safe time for all who step foot here.

What are your opening hours? 

We don't have set opening hours. We only open when there are events scheduled or the space has been booked. The general rule is that you can't wander in by accident. You'd have to know that there is a specific event being hosted to be here. 

Where can I find out about upcoming events? 

The majority of the events we host are private and by invitation of each organiser only. Where an organiser has shared their event with us to be made public for all, you can find those listed on our Facebook event page here

It's my birthday, can I book a table / section of the bar during a party? 

Sadly we don't offer table bookings. You can only hire the venue as a whole for a private birthday celebration for 80+ people. 

What is your capacity? 

The space can hold up to 300 people spread over 2 floors. Up to 120 in the basement and up to 180 in the bar. 

Can I book one floor only or both floors at the same time? 

Depending on the type of event you wish to host, we'll be able to advice you on which space(s) will be best suited. 

Is there a PA / Soundsystem available? 

We have a basic PA & soundsystem available both in the bar and in the basement which is included in the hire. These are suitable for the majority of the events we host. That said if the set up we have doesn't suit you, you're welcome to hire in your own, off course keeping in mind the limitations and capabilities of the space which we will advise you on. To discuss these practicalities please fill in the booking request form and we'll get back in touch with you. 

What are your policies on drugs?

We operate an absolute zero policy on drug use / dealing on our premises. Anyone found dealing or taking drugs in the venue will be immediately expelled with no possibility to return. All attendees will be searched upon entry, and any substances found will be confiscated and handed over to the police.