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The Flying Dutchman was born as a space for alternative arts and events of all kinds. Though we have now branched out to include many more different types of events, the alternative and fetish scenes are still very much part of our identity. We strive to provide a tolerant space where issues of gender and identity can be respectfully explored. We welcome a variety of events as long as they respect and are in line with our ethos and values
We are the proud hosts of monthly events of the likes of Bound and of the Roma Trans parties as well as many other private alternative events. If you are looking for a place to host something that may seem out of the ordinary, why not get in touch to see if we can accommodate your needs. 

Please note that the nature of these events is so that they are often restricted to closed groups and not openly accessible to the public. Where the organisers have requested us to do so, we will share these events through our private newsletter. If you wish to be informed of these events, feel free to sign up to our newsletter below. For all other publicly accessible events, feel free to visit our Facebook page here