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Through we didn't start out with the aim to become a destination for dance events or a late night venue, the nature of the London clubbing scene has undeniably forced events organisers to look at more unusual spaces to host their nights, and unusual is what we do best here at The Flying Dutchman. 

Spread over two floor and with a completely soundproofed versatile basement, we offer one of the most unique party space in South-East London. A multifaceted art space by day, by night the whole space can be converted into a musical den welcoming parties of up to 300 people offering an unparalleled atmosphere that can't be found anywhere else. 

Nicknamed the "Love Pub" by some of our patrons, we strive in everything to provide a safe space for all to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Our SIA trained security team and staff are on hand to protect both the venues and all its guests, and we operate a ZERO DRUG TOLERANCE throughout to ensure the longevity and security of all involved. 

We are very aware of the limits of both the area we are in as well as the space that we have and are therefore very selective of which organisers and events we do and don't allow in. This has allowed us to work with some of the loveliest organisers and crowds in the scene and we very much welcome enquiries from new organisers, collectives, troops, records labels, etc... All enquiries are evaluated on a case by case basis, and we work closely with each organiser to ensure the safe and smooth running of all events held with us. 

We have successfully and regularly hosted and continue to work with the likes of...