Performance, video art and dance curated by Franko B.

By invitation and open submission. Submit your ideas for performance, music or live art by email: flyingdutchmanlondon@hotmail.co.uk Click . For more information and to be up to date on the project click here and ask to join the facebook group.
Click here for the event page.

Click here, here and here for the photo gallery of the last UNTOUCHABLES and here for a preview video of the performances on Sat 19/11/12. Click here for a preview video of UNTOUCHABLE the musical.

A platform for performance, installation, music and art events. This is a free event but donations are encouraged. All donations will go to cover artists expenses.

The next event will be on Sun. 23rd of November 2014.

The Mori + Stein Gallery @ The Flying Dutchman is an interdependent artist run venue.