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Special Events

  • SIGNED IN BLOOD, Von Cyborgs Performance and Art Exhibition

    Fri 31st October 2014 Until Wed 5th November 2014

    8:30pm - 11:59pm

    This Halloween join us for the only chance in the UK to witness the world's leading body mod practitioners in a stunning live performance that will shock and delight you.
    Play piercing, suspensions and blood paintings to the limit of human endurance.
    Audio entertainment by DJ Dweebman (and more tba) playing from shockhabilly to dum'n'bass

  • BOUND Rope Jam

    Fri 7th November 2014

    7:00pm - 1:00am

    BOUND is quickly establishing itself as London's leading Shibari event.

  • bitter bitter

    Thu 13th November 2014

    8:00pm - 12:30am

    how much of yourself are you ready to give away? how much does it cost? what are you ready to do to succeed? are you a greedy girl? well you better be. see: https://www.facebook.com/events/651849044930676/?notif_t=plan_admin_added


    Sun 23rd November 2014

    5:00pm - 12:00am

    UNTOUCHABLE art event curated by Franko B.


    Fri 28th November 2014

    6:00pm - 11:59pm

    For one night only Alicia Fidler and Lizzie Feather exhibit at Mori + Stein, exploring processes, systems, movement and constraint through new and existing works. Examining the points at which their practices conflate and overlap, Points of Contact stands as the result of new dialogues and narratives between both the artists and their works.

Weekly Events


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